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  • Wir sind hier, um dir dabei zu helfen, Nachhaltigkeit in jeden Aspekt des Strickens zu integrieren.

    Mit unserer sorgfältig zusammengestellten Auswahl an nicht superwaschbaren, plastikfreien Garnen und Zubehör haben wir alles, was du brauchst, um mit deinem nächsten Projekt zu beginnen – und dem übernächsten.

    Für einen Kleiderschrank voller Stricksachen, die wir lieben und die wir noch viele Jahre lang tragen möchten!

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  • 3 Sock Patterns I'm Loving Right Now

    September 30, 2023 2 min lesen.

    Happy Socktober, lovelies!! If you've been following us even for a little while, you've probably noticed that I absolutely love knitting socks.

    They're the perfect portable project, great for trying out new techniques or stitch patterns, and just so, so rewarding. There's just nothing like the feeling of opening your sock drawer on a cold fall morning, picking out the pair of hand-knit socks that calls to you, and walking around with cozy, warm toes all day long.

    I couldn't resist putting together a short, sweet list of 3 sock patterns I'm loving right now to kickstart this month – one makes for excellent TV-knitting, the second one is a bit more complex, and the last one is one that I've been wanting to knit for years!

    Soxploration Shadow Wrap Heel by Denise DeSantis | woolmatters Self-Striping Sock Set in Sock Disco

    I love Denise DeSantis' Instagram, and I've bookmarked her sock patterns for the perfect occasion: For when we'd have a self-striping yarn! In her Soxploration Socks, Denise combines a soothing stockinette sock with a heel that doesn't distort the stripes, which in my book is a must-have if you're knitting with self-striping yarn.

    I'd pair this pattern with one of the woolmatters self-striping sock yarn setswe're carrying, and as I already have a pair in Fall Dreams on the needles, I'd go for Sock Disco!You'd need one sock set for a full pair, and you'd likely have a bit left over for a second pair (shorty socks maybe?)

    Vuosaari Socks by Jenny Ansah | Schoppelwolle AlbLino in Old Love

    Jenny Ansah (whom you might know as Kotikotoni) creates such beautiful, intricate patterns! She has such a gift for combining textures, and her Vuosaari Socksare no exception. Knit from the toe up, they feature a combination of striking cables which I think would be so, so fun to knit up.

    I think they would work really well in Schoppelwolle's AlbLino. I am partial to the Old Love colorway as it's like a ray of sunshine on a grey winter day, and it would show off the cables beautifully! You'd need one ball of AlbLino for any of the sizes.

    Provenance Socks by Keiko Kikuno | Wool & Palette Fingering in Living Coral

    Ever since we published our digital Socks collection in 2018, I've been wanting to knit Keiko Kikuno's Provenance Socks. They're such a great combination of texture: ribbing for the foot, and a seashell-inspired pattern for the leg.

    I think they would look wonderful in Wool & Palette's Fingeringin the colorway Living Coral: The light color would show the different textures off really well, and the stitch definition of that yarn is unparalleled! You'd need one skein of it for any of the sizes.

    Tell me – do you have a favorite sock pattern? If so, would you mind sharing it in the comments below? I'd love to add it to my "to knit" list!

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    Our 2023 - A Heartfelt Thank You!
    Our 2023 - A Heartfelt Thank You!

    Dezember 04, 2023 3 min lesen.

    Hi lovelies,

    I can't believe it's that time of the year again – time to take stock, and reflect a little on what 2023 has brought to Making Stories. Another year (almost) in the books which means we're entering our 8th year in business soon. Which feels absolutely wild, even more so in a year that has seen so many small businesses, especially in the fiber world and in indie publishing, close their doors. (I'm so sad to see Pompom Magazine go!)

    I like sitting down with a good cup of coffee at some in December, and think through what the year has meant for us, and what has happened here at Making Stories. There's no particular order here, just how these thoughts came to mind!

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    Over to you: What do you want to read about on the blog?
    Over to you: What do you want to read about on the blog?

    November 13, 2023 1 min lesen. 6 Kommentare

    Hi lovelies!

    I hope you are well, and making a dent in your gift knitting (if you are gift knitting this year, that is!)

    I am back here today with something a little different: A question for you.

    Over the course of the last year, I took over writing most of our blog posts again, and while I love it very much, I also noticed that I tend to gravitate towards posts that I like to read – pattern inspiration posts, FO roundups, that sort of thing.

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    3 Super Quick Gift Knits
    3 Super Quick Gift Knits

    Oktober 30, 2023 3 min lesen. 2 Kommentare

    Hi lovelies!

    As I was finishing up Aurin's Joy Cardigan over the weekend, I started thinking about what I could cast on now that one of my current WIPs is almost done. And then it hit me - the holidays are just under two months away, and I have this dream of knitting a few sweaters for my nephews. Will I manage it in time? Who knows. But it would be nice to gift them the promised sweaters in time for the end of the year so that they actually get a little wear out of them still this winter!

    Are you already deep in gift knitting mode or, like me, just starting to plan? If the latter (or the former, if you still need a few ideas!) I might have just the thing for you: Three super quick gift knit ideas!

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