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  • Wir sind hier, um dir dabei zu helfen, Nachhaltigkeit in jeden Aspekt des Strickens zu integrieren.

    Mit unserer sorgfältig zusammengestellten Auswahl an nicht superwaschbaren, plastikfreien Garnen und Zubehör haben wir alles, was du brauchst, um mit deinem nächsten Projekt zu beginnen – und dem übernächsten.

    Für einen Kleiderschrank voller Stricksachen, die wir lieben und die wir noch viele Jahre lang tragen möchten!

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    Unser Making Stories Collective ist da, hurra! Mit dieser monatlichen Mitgliedschaft kannst du...

    ... unsere Arbeit unterstützen,

    ... einen Einblick hinter die Kulissen bekommen,

    ... als erste Zugang zu neuen Produkten und Lieferungen erhalten,

    ... exklusive Collective-Produkte entdecken,

    ... und immer 10 % Rabatt auf unseren gesamten Webshop bekommen.

    Wir bieten drei Mitgliedschaftsstufen an:

    • Mini-Set
    • Ganzes Knäuel
    • Pullover-Projekt

    Wir können es kaum erwarten, dich in unserem Collective willkommen zu heißen!

    Our Collective Levels:

    Why are we doing the collective?

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Monica Freire
    Lovely Notions and Accessories!

    Off course I always love receiving yarn from Making Stories and the color changing yarn is so soft and beautiful- I can’t wait to cast on! Also, this time, I ordered project bags and the pottery mugs. Both are so nice and shipped well without incident and I am having tea in my mug tonight while starting projects with my new yarn. Thank you Hanna Lisa and the team!

    Helen Eatherton

    Great selection of carefully chosen projects which will be wardrobe staples

    Florence Rolland
    Support Making Stories

    If you love the magazine, support Making Stories and join the collective.

    Questions about the Collective?

    You can sign up at any point in time for our Collective membership. Immediately after you've signed up, we'll send you an email with direct links to the Collective-exclusive content, products (if we currently have exclusive products available), and your discount code if you've selected the Sweater Quantity level.

    Whenever we have a new behind-the-scenes post, early access or new products coming up, we'll send you an email so that you know what we have in store for you :)

    Every month, your membership will auto-renew. You can cancel it at any point in time - with your cancellation, you will lose access to the exclusive content and products, and the discount code won't work anymore.

    Immediately after you purchased your Collective membership! We'll send you an email with all the details.

    Should that email not arrive within a few minutes of your order, please check your Spam folder - and if it's not there, please do get in touch with us (chatbox or hello@making-stories.com).

    Yes! Simply log in to your account, click on "Manage Collective membership", and choose which level you'd like to upgrade or downgrade to.

    Your Collective membership is a monthly auto-renewal. You'll get charged on the same day every month on which you started your membership. For example, if you got your Collective membership on August 23, it will renew on September 23, October 23, and so forth.

    Our Annual Subscription is for our magazine only - with it, you get our two magazine issues a year, and early access to our magazine-related yarn releases.

    The Making Stories Collective encompasses the entire webshop - early access to all yarns and products that we're launching or restocking, Collective-exclusive content and products, and, if you choose the Sweater Quantity level, 10% off everything in the webshop.

    The discount for the webshop is also applicable to magazine subscription payments as long as you're a member of the Collective.

    If you already have a subscription with us, and are now becoming a Collective member at the Sweater Quantity level, please get in touch with us so that we can apply the discount to your subscription!

    If you don't have a subscription yet, and you want to become both a Collective member at the Sweater Quantity level, and a subscriber, here's what to do to apply the discount to your subscription: First, purchase your Collective membership. After a few minutes, you'll get an email with your discount code. Then, purchase your subscription, entering the discount code during checkout, and you're all set!

    Oh no, we're so sorry about that! You can get to the Collective-exclusive content via this link. You'll need to log into your account to see the posts.

    If that doesn't work, please send us an email (hello@making-stories.com) or a chatbox message with your membership email address, and we'll look into it right away.

    Oh no, let's look into this right away! Please send us an email (hello@making-stories.com) or a chatbox message with your membership email address, and we'll figure out what's going on here.