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  • We're here to help you stitch sustainability into every aspect of your making.

    With our carefully curated selection of non-superwash, plastic-free yarns and notions, we have everything you need to get started on your next project - and the one after that.

    Here's to a wardrobe of knits we love and want to wear for years to come!

    Read more about us here.

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  • Making Stories Wool Soap


    Made from only a handful of organic ingredients, these soap bars have been specially designed to care for your woollens. They contain a high percentage of lanolin, the natural wool "fat", which helps rejuvenate your knits gently when you're washing them - or when you're blocking your FO for the first time.

    • Available in 4 scents: Pure (unscented), Lavender, Citronella, Cedarwood
    • 3 main ingredients, all organic: Lanolin, rapeseed oil, coconut oil, plus natural essential oils for the scented versions
    • Approx. 100 g / 3.5" per bar
    • No rinse necessary
    • How to use: Foam up your soap bar generously in a sink or basin filled with hand-warm water. Soak your woollens for at least 10 min. Gently squish excess water out. You don't have to rinse out the wool soap!

    • Developed and made by hand by Sabine Baeslack of Wiesengeister Seifenküche in Breddin, Germany, about 2 hours outside of Berlin
    • All ingredients are organic and locally sourced where possible
    • Every soap bar comes in paper packaging - no plastic in sight
    • One soap bar will last you a long, long time!

    We're always excited to talk yarn and knitting and answer any questions you might have!

    Simply send us an email to or use the chat box at the bottom.

    You can also check out our FAQ page here!

    We also love these to go with Making Stories Wool Soap:

    Toff and Zürpel Soap Dish

    Toff and Zürpel's soap dishes are made by hand by a small in team in Dresden, Germany. They use unglazed ceramic in two beautiful colorways - Nature and Slate - which helps prevent the soap from slipping off. The minimal aesthetic is right up our alley - the slanted surface is an eye-catcher and serves to gently lead the excess water from the soap down into the sink.

    Get Toff and Zürpel Soap Dish

    Toff and Zürpel Soap Holder

    The wooden soap holder is perfect for travelling and if you want to dry your wool soap, but not constantly leave it on display: It can be super easily dismantled and stored away. It's made out of "vinegar wood", which is wood that has been treated with natural acetic acid to make it waterproof.

    Get Toff and Zürpel Soap Holder

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