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Day 3

Dezember 03, 2022 1 min lesen. 2 Kommentare

Hello lovelies, and welcome to Day 3 of the Winter Celebration! Have you established your own little ritual yet? Mine includes a cup of hot chocolate or tea and, if there are still some around, a cookie. Which brings me to today's gift: My dear friend Jule - you might know her as the fantastic dyer behind woollentwine - shares one of her favorite cookie recipes with us today! I particularly love them because they're great for using up those egg-whites that somehow are always left over from other cookie recipes. Do let me know in the comments below if you've tried the Nußküßchen - Hazelnut Kisses!

Hazelnut Kisses


I am so, so in love with today's gift from the Winter Celebration Box. It embodies my wish for you in this intense season - a minute, a moment for yourself, breathing in the steam of a fresh cup of tea, reading a page or two in a beloved book. Nadine from Herzflimmern has quickly become on of my all-time favorite illustrators and photographers. Her work captures the magic of the day-to-day, in a lovely, slightly moody way. I'm keeping my print close to my work desk as a reminder to spend some time with myself every day.

2 Antworten

Hanna Lisa
Hanna Lisa

Dezember 08, 2022

Hi Marybeth, absolutely! I’ll ask Elsa to look into it! Hanna Lisa x

Marybeth Kress
Marybeth Kress

Dezember 03, 2022

Today’s entry really makes me wish my box had arrived. DHL tracking is still showing my package stuck in NY airport. Can you try again to have it investigated? Thanks.

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