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Day 8

Dezember 08, 2022 1 min lesen.

No matter whether or what you celebrate, chances are you're in the middle of gift knitting, gift wrapping, gift labelling! And today's gift from us to you hopefully helps a little bit with that - it's a set of printable gift tags with three different designs. Download them, print them out, punch a little hole in the top, and thread them onto your favorite yarn to wrap up that gift!

Gift Tags Winter Celebration 2022

They come in both English and German, and are non-religious - I hope you use them, and I'd love to see it if you do (tag us on Instagram!)

While you're wrapping up those gifts, today's Winter Celebration Box gift can also be put to good use. You know how much we love Katie Green's illustrated goodies, and so I just had to put a roll of her washi tape in the box for you! It's 100% paper-based, and features her hand-drawn British sheep breeds. I use mine for all our gift-wrapping!

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