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  • We're here to help you stitch sustainability into every aspect of your making.

    With our carefully curated selection of non-superwash, plastic-free yarns and notions, we have everything you need to get started on your next project - and the one after that.

    Here's to a wardrobe of knits we love and want to wear for years to come!

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  • Seconds: Making Stories Magazine Issue 7


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    Please note: These copies of Issue 7 are seconds. They might have bumped corners, or little tears on the outside. They’re still almost good as new, just with little blemishes.

    About Issue 7

    Theme: Joy

    In Issue 7, we’re focusing on joy – finding joy in the small and big things in life, in a new discovery or a renewed love, in knowing that even the smallest changes can have a huge impact on sustainability and the planet.

    The 12 stunning patterns our designers created all represent something that makes the designer truly happy. They’re love letters to a favorite technique, stitch pattern, garment or accessory type, shape, or color – same as the essays we’re so happy to share are love letters to finding joy in stitches and reclaiming what others deem is waste.

    Designs by:

    Bérangère Cailliau, Clara Gleiß, Isabel Ale, Jill Thompson Beach, Marianne Munier, Marina Skua, Marina Storm, Marion Bulin, Marthe Forodden, Tania Dejoie, Tiffany Chen, Victoria Gerasimova

    Yarns by:

    De Rerum Natura, Ewethful Fiber Farm, Frida Fuchs, Garthenor Organic, Isager, Jamieson & Smith, Kelbourne Woolens, Krea Deluxe, Maison Septembre, Marina Skua, Neighborhood Fiber Co., Soc Una Troca

    Take a look at all the yarns we carry from Issue 7 here!

    Contributions by:

    Deborah Stack, Kalea Turner-Beckman

    Digital Downloads

    Your purchase of the print version of the magazine automatically includes a digitial version too! You'll get an email with a download link immediately after purchase.

    You can also add your digital copy to your Ravelry library by entering the download code printed on the first page of the magazine.

    Good to Know

    • 136 completely ad-free pages
    • Printed on 100% recycled paper (Blue Angel certificate) with Umweltdruck Berlin, a printer local to us
    • Shipped out from our warehouse in Berlin with Deutsche Post or DHL


    Meet the Patterns from Issue 7:


    Bobble Waves Shawl
    Design: Marion Bulin
    Yarns: Isager & Frida Fuchs

    Cigar Cardigan
    Design: Marthe Forodden
    Yarns: Krea Deluxe

    Color Waves Socks
    Design: Victoria Gerasimova

    Fanlight Sweater
    Design: Marina Skua
    Yarn: Marina Skua

    Guan-Xi Socks
    Design: Tiffany Chen
    Yarn: Ewethful Fiber Farm

    Hypata Sweater
    Design: Bérangère Cailliau
    Yarn: Maison Septembre

    Merrymaker Sweater
    Design: Jill Thompson Beach
    Yarns: Neighborhood Fiber Co.

    Sakae Cardigan
    Design: Marianne Munier
    Yarn: De Rerum Natura

    Sea Forest Socks
    Design: Isabel Ale
    Yarn: Garthenor Organic

    Serendipitee T-Shirt
    Design: Tania Dejoie
    Yarn: Kelbourne Woolens

    Tilde Mittens
    Design: Clara Gleiß
    Yarn: Jamieson & Smith

    Wrapped in a Hug Shawl
    Design: Marina Storm
    Yarn: Soc una Troca

    See all Issue 7 Samples Live Here:




    Take a look at the Lookbook:



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    Looking for the perfect yarn for your first project from this issue? Dive into our selection of sustainably produced yarns - all by companies who we love and trust!

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