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Palate Cleanser Projects

January 18, 2022 4 min read 4 Comments

Have you ever just finished a really intricate project that took all your concentration and needed something quick and simple on the needles? Or perhaps you've finished working on a fingering weight, stockinette sweater that you know will get worn forever, but it felt like it took about that long to get it done. You, my friend, require a palate cleanser!

I love a palate cleanser project. They tend to be pretty quick, with stitches and techniques that are the opposite of what I've been previously working on. Like a cooling scoop of sorbet, they reset my crafting appetite, and they can also be a great way to attempt a new-to-you skill!

Let's take a look at some palate cleanser projects to get your creative juices flowing!

Oslo Hat

The Oslo Hat, Mohair Edition from Petite Knit (link to Ravelry) is a go-to pattern for knitters looking for a staple accessory that will be worn for years to come. It's also the perfect project to pick up if you want to relax into soothing stockinette and feel something cosy and fuzzy between your fingers. 

Biches & Bûches Le Petite Silk Mohair and Merino is such a stunning combination, and with their beautiful range of colours, you'll never run out of options. Match two of the same colour for the perfect colour-blocking accessory, or combine colours for marvellous marls! Here are just a few options we have in the webshop...



Schneeflöckchenwas our Winter Celebration pattern that was released at the end of last year, and it definitely falls into the category of palate cleanser! The DK weight yarn knits up super quickly, and the simple colourwork is perfect for those wanting to attempt it for the first time, or seasoned pros who want to relax into a mediative knit after tackling a more complex project.

Annika of Rosemary & Pines Fibre Arts, the fabulous designer of the Schneeflöckchen pattern, is also a fantastic natural dyer and created some yarn kits for the release, using her Luster DK. She only works with organic yarns and carefully sourced dye materials, and we still have a few of the kits available in the shop. Check them out below!




Beeswax Fingerless Mittens

The Beeswax Mitts by Amy van de Laar are a pair of cosy, cabled hand-warmers. They feature a double-layered honeycomb pattern, flowing naturally into and out of the ribbing. The honeycomb texture is made up of simple mini-cables, which can be knit without a cable needle (no hunting for that cable needle!). It's a quick, intuitive pattern that is ideal if you're looking to try twisted stitches for the first time.

Texture such as this would really shine in Garthenor Number 3. Three ends of Garthenor number 1 twisted into a round and even DK yarn. The base is 100% organic breed-specific wool and completely undyed, achieving their beautiful colour range by combining different shades of Number 1. Check them out below!

Wild Grass Socks 

The Wild Grass Socks we featured in Issue 5 were one of the go-to patterns for that issue, and it's no surprise! Simple, yet satisfying lace adds the perfect amount of engagement to these otherwise vanilla socks. If you want a little more engagement, you can also add bobbles, but these socks look stunning with or without them. 

woolentwine's Corriedale sockwould be the perfect match. A high-twist lustrous sock yarn spun from 100% Corriedale wool. Its beautiful sheen makes it perfect for texture and lace. Here are the colour ways we currently have available!


Another pattern featured in Issue 5 was Cellular, and it's an ideal cast-on for when you want something with instant gratification. Knit flat, these fingerless mittens are shaped using short rows, which is cleverly highlighted by the use of two colours, though you could do a one colour version for a more subtle effect!

Cellular is perfect for a little stash diving, but it would also look beautiful in Annabel Williams Darwin 4 ply! Due to the generous yardage for this yarn, you can easily knit several pairs of Cellular, making it perfect for gift knitting.


Hello Sunshine Socks 

Hello Sunshine socks by Tracie Millar (links to Ravelry) are ideal if you are looking for a relaxing knit that also has a few different elements to keep your brain engaged! With their simple lace, moss stitch and ribbing, there's just enough going on that you know you're going to want to keep knitting just one more row. And this is where a hand-dyed yarn will really shine. woollentwine's Corriedale Sock Sets are made up of a high-twist lustrous sock yarn spun from 100% Corriedale wool. Its beautiful sheen makes it perfect for texture and we're super happy to be offering this in gorgeously speckled sock sets with a contrasting mini skein.

Each sock set comes with a 100g skein in a main colour and a 20g mini skein in a contrasting colour. Here are two of the gorgeous colour ways we have in stock...

What do you think about palate cleaner projects? Is it something you find you like to do and do you have any suggestions you'd like to share? Tell us all about them in the comments below!

4 Responses


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January 19, 2022

Recently I finished a stranded yoke sweater for my husband. The colorwork was pretty exciting, but the stockinette body and sleeves took forever as he is a rather tall and lean fellow. So right next I knitted myself a Clotilde cardigan from KFO. It took me a whole Sunday to knit the body, so I’d it’s the perfect palate cleanser! Barely 2 weeks later I had a new cosy cardigan and I am most happy with it!

Loreen Meyer
Loreen Meyer

January 18, 2022

I just finished a pair of Beeswax Mitts after all the gift knitting was done. I’m about to start the sleeves on a sweater and will check out one of these patterns for my next palate cleanser. Thanks for the inspiration.


January 18, 2022

This is just the inspiration I needed! Not only is a palate cleanser project in order, but I will be traveling soon, and wanted some ideas for a small-ish project to carry along! Thank you!

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