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What We'll Be Working On This Month [Oct 2022]

Oktober 06, 2022 3 min lesen.

Hi lovelies,

Hanna Lisa here with a new update on what you can expect from us here at Making Stories during October!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who answered our survey about what you want to see from us here at the Collective. I'll put a post together about the results next week, so keep an eye on this space!

So without further ado, what's happening this month, now that we're progressing fastly into fall?

Mark your Calendars: Hudson + West is coming to Making Stories! (Oct 12 - Oct 11 for Full Skein & Sweater Quantity!)

Eeeek!! You're the first ones to know about this: On Oct 12, we'll be launching two new yarns: Hudson + West's Forge and Weld. Hudson + West is a brilliant US-based yarn company, women-run, design-led, with custom-milled yarns entirely sourced and produced in the US.

You can see a sneak peek (pre-blocking) here - the pink hat is knit in Forge:

Earlier this year, I asked the team which yarns they thought we should add, and Jess, our fabulous tech editor and test knitting manager, immediately suggested them. Sloane, Meghan and Jocelyn are so thoughtful and kind and on point in their work - and it shows in their yarns through and through. 70% Merino, 30% Corriedale, in a Fingering and a Worsted weight. GOOD stuff.

Keep an eye on your emails for early access to them on Tuesday if you're at the Full Skein or Sweater Quantity level!

Preorders: Winter Celebration Boxes

On October 19 (18, for early access), our Winter Celebration Boxes go live for preorders! I am SO excited for these, it's not even real. For the last two years we've done a free Winter Celebration, starting on Dec 1 - 10 days of videos, recipes, photos, you name it, all for free, as a gift to close out the year.

This year, for the first time ever, we're putting together a physical box to go with it! It'll include 10 little or not so little gifts from us to you, all carefully selected by me. I'm imagining you sitting down after a long day at work and running errands, putting your feet up, snuggling up under your favorite blanket, and then unwrapping your next gift. They're (almost) all related to yarn and knitting (yes, it'll include yarn!), so perfect if you want to treat yourself.

A little glimpse at our inspiration:

Gift Knitting & Content Creation for you!

As you might know, Claire has left the Making Stories team at the end of September. We'll have one last goodbye podcast episode, and then it's the end of an era - or that's what it feels like for me :( Saying goodbye after four years is hard.

I've decided to not refill her position for the time being, but to instead take over her tasks. Claire worked mostly in Content Creation - writing our blog posts, editing the podcast, posting on Instagram - so a lot of my October will be filled with that, and with trying to figure out how to add all of this to my schedule. Which I am a little nervous about, but mostly excited! (Just ordered a little add on to my Gorilla pod for my Smartphone so I can take videos more easily, yay!!)

If all things go as planned, I'll have an interview up for you on the Collective-exclusive blog by the end of the month as well as in-depth blog posts about Hudson + West and a Gift Knitting Guide. Wohoo!!

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