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  • Wir sind hier, um dir dabei zu helfen, Nachhaltigkeit in jeden Aspekt des Strickens zu integrieren.

    Mit unserer sorgfältig zusammengestellten Auswahl an nicht superwaschbaren, plastikfreien Garnen und Zubehör haben wir alles, was du brauchst, um mit deinem nächsten Projekt zu beginnen – und dem übernächsten.

    Für einen Kleiderschrank voller Stricksachen, die wir lieben und die wir noch viele Jahre lang tragen möchten!

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  • What We'll Be Working On This Month [Nov 2022]

    November 07, 2022 2 min lesen.

    Hello lovelies,

    how time flies! This is the third update post like this that I'm writing, and I can't believe that we're starting into the fourth month of our Collective. THANK YOU so much for your support - you keep this company going.

    I had grand plans for more content for you for October, but one of our interviews is still pending - so hopefully you get double as much this month!

    We're starting it off though with ...

    ... our first ever Collective Knit Night!

    Vote now for your preferred date - it'll be on Zoom or GoogleMeets, with a very special guest! There won't be a recording available, so hopefully as many of you as possible can join.

    In other news:

    A Year of Socks Subscriptions are back!

    I adore working on our quarterly Sock Boxes, and decided to bring back our A Year of Socks Subscriptions as a recurring option. Meaning: When you subscribe, you start with the current box, and then your subscription continues for however long you like!

    Preorder: January Sock Boxes

    Right in line with our updated Sock Box Subscription comes our January Sock Box that is now available for preorder. Take a look at the mood board:

    Mood Board January Sock Box

    For our January Sock Box, we've worked with...

    • ... Ruth from Raincloud & Sage to bring you a cozy, woolly sock yarn 100% sourced, spun and dyed in Germany
    • ... Dusana from Dusana Knit who put together a sparkly set of stitch markers
    • ... the lovely team at Geruchsmanufaktur, a Lüneburg-based small business with handmade, sustainable scented products (and I'm not saying more because it would spoil the surprise!)

    All the beautiful products in this box were based on our inspiration mood board for January! Think ice crystals with their unique, geometric shapes, long winter walks with the sun setting over a snowy forest, coming home to warm up and watch the beautiful winter night through the window.

    I am so excited about this, and I hope you are too!

    Winter Celebration Preparation

    One big, big topic for me this month will be getting everything ready for our Winter Celebration (Dec 1 - 10). Are you signed up yet?

    I need to knit a secret thing, finalize what's behind our virtual doors, ship the rest of the Winter Celebration Boxes (a few are still available) and then set everything up to go out into your loving hands. I can't wait!

    Issue 9 Layout

    My other big to do for this month is to get the layout for Issue 9 into a shape that I can send it over to our fabulous graphic designer Camille. About half of the patterns have been completed in test knitting already and are ready to go (thank you, Jess!), and I've just sent off the first edited photos for a proof to our new printer. I'm so curious to see how they come out!

    That's it from me for today. I hope you join us for the Virtual Knit Night - don't forget to vote for your preferred date!

    Hanna Lisa x

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    A Gentle Check In - 2024 so far, and Thoughts on the Collective
    A Gentle Check In - 2024 so far, and Thoughts on the Collective

    März 18, 2024 4 min lesen.

    Hello my dear Collective members, how have you been? I hope spring has gently arrived, wherever you are, and that you enjoy the first warm sunrays as much as I am, here in Berlin.

    For today's Collective-exclusive blog post, I want to take a look back at 2024 so far – it's been almost three months, and quite a few things have happened. Some of them very much behind the scenes, so I hope you'll enjoy this!

    2024 started with a very unpleasant surprise.

    I remember this so clearly: I was sitting in my office, the second week of January, staring at our printer's invoice for Issue 11 and our bank account – and realizing that we just didn't have enough money in the bank to pay them.

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    A Thank You Gift From Us To You - For Supporting Us in 2023!
    A Thank You Gift From Us To You - For Supporting Us in 2023!

    Dezember 04, 2023 1 min lesen.

    Dear lovely Collective member,

    it's almost time to wrap up the year! In just a few short weeks, I'll be taking a few days off to recharge, and I hope you do the same.

    I want to say a very, very heartfelt thank you for supporting us in 2023. Every single contribution to the Collective helps keep the lights on here at Making Stories, and I deeply appreciate every single one of you. You make this work possible!

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    What goes into creating the Winter Celebration (and Box!)
    What goes into creating the Winter Celebration (and Box!)

    November 13, 2023 4 min lesen. 1 Kommentar

    Hi lovely Collective members,

    I hope you had a wonderful November so far! I've been leaning heavily into the coziness this fall – lots of evenings snuggled up under my favorite wool blanket on our couch with a candle lit, a soft WIP on my lap, finishing up final seasons of some of our favorite TV shows. (Which, for the most part were disappointing, sigh!)

    As busy as this time of the year is, it also feels a little gentler this year than last. I'm not sure what it is - am I better prepared? (Now I probably jinxed it...) Is life with a four year old easier than with a three year old? (Yes, definitely, if you ask me.) Is it just luck? (I'll take it!)

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