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  • We're here to help you stitch sustainability into every aspect of your making.

    With our carefully curated selection of non-superwash, plastic-free yarns and notions, we have everything you need to get started on your next project - and the one after that.

    Here's to a wardrobe of knits we love and want to wear for years to come!

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  • Making Stories Magazine Issue 10

    5 total reviews


    Theme: Heirloom

    As we’re moving into our 10th issue, we’d love to explore a theme with you that is at the very heart of Making Stories: To make something we’ll love and wear for years to come.

    Put into one word: Heirloom.

    Our designers drew inspiration from beloved heirlooms that were passed down to you or by the things they cannot wait to wear over and over again.

    • Length: 136 full-color pages
    • Content: 11 patterns, 2 essays
    • Format: Every print copy comes with two download codes printed inside: One for a digital copy, and one for adding the magazine to your Ravelry library.
    • Dimensions: 20 x 26 x 1 cm / 7.9 x 10.3 x 0.4”
    • Weight: Approx. 400g

    • Made out of 100% recycled paper – one that makes the photos and texture absolutely shine!
    • Printed with Königsdruck in Berlin, a printer that is local to us, on a climate-neutral LED-offset printing machine
    • Packaged without a scrap of plastic - we use 100% recycled paper materials instead
    • Shipped with DHL or USPS Green delivery services, offsetting all carbon emissions occurring through shipping

    We're always excited to talk yarn and knitting and answer any questions you might have!

    Simply send us an email to or use the chat box at the bottom.

    You can also check out our FAQ page here!

    Take a look inside Making Stories Magazine Issue 10:

    Yes, we do print sustainably.

    We print on 100% recycled paper – and we are super proud to have found one that lets our photos and patterns shine!

    They're crisp and true to their original colors. The secret? Our awesome printer, Königsdruck Berlin (local to us, yay!)

    They work with an LED-offset printing machine that dries the ink right after it's applied to the paper. That way, it can't sink in and the colors stay as glowy and beautiful as possible.

    The best part though? The machine is completely climate-neutral.

    We're the ones who care.

    We started Making Stories because we deeply believe in the power of two things: sustainability and knitting.

    Stitching sustainability into every aspect of life (and business) can not only help us save this beautiful planet, but also lead a more fulfilling life.

    That being said, we believe sustainability looks different for everyone. Finding what exactly it means for you and making decisions that reflect that in your daily life is incredibly empowering.

    We're here to help you with that in your favorite pastime, knitting.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Five Stars

    There are nto enough words to say how much I love this episode. I subscribe to 4 other knit magazines and this one is my absolute favourite of them all. I want to knit them all. What a beautiful publication. I cant say enough good things about this!

    Just Fabulous

    I think that the theme “Heirlooms" and then in addition, featuring Hanna Lisa with her mother, Ingrid, is such a wonderful idea. The photography is wonderful. I also think that the designs that were carefully chosen and all fit together really well. There are many items I would enjoy knitting. A great issue! Well done. 👏👏

    Natalia Milas

    I love the idea and the theme, I just think there is a a bit a misbalance on the pieces not only on issues 10 but others too (excel the campfire one which I think was really good). I missed a glove/mitten piece and a cardigan and/or vest (given there are 5 sweaters).

    Wonderful issue !

    I love everything about making stories: the quality of the designs, the ethical choice of yarns, the pretty photos and the superb layout.

    Very nice design selection

    I like the selection of designs and also the layout of the magazine

    Curious to see all the samples and yarns?

    Making Stories Magazine Issue 10 Projects: