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  • We're here to help you stitch sustainability into every aspect of your making.

    With our carefully curated selection of non-superwash, plastic-free yarns and notions, we have everything you need to get started on your next project - and the one after that.

    Here's to a wardrobe of knits we love and want to wear for years to come!

    Read more about us here.

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  • What can I help you with?

    Want to know more about me?

    let's see if we'd be a good fit!

    Deciding on a business coach - and a new client - isn't easy. It's an investment in your business. We both - you and I - need to decide whether we're a good fit and would like to work together.

    That's why I offer a free 15-20 min "let's get to know each other" call. After that call, each one of us can make a decision whether to go forward with the coaching or not.

    To apply for a call, fill out the form! I want to know a bit more about you - who are you? What are your dreams? What's one thing you'd love to tackle with me?

    I'll be in touch 1-3 business days after you filled out the form.

    I can't wait to hear from you!

    What do you get with me as your coach?

    I fully believe in being transparent about what you get and what it costs when it comes to coaching.

    With me as your coach, you get access to 6+ years of experience running multiple small businesses in the fiber world, 10+ years of experience with strategy, systems, and processes, and the most passionate supporter of small businesses out there.

    I have a very limited number of spots available - 5 at the moment. When spots are closed, I'll be opening up a wait list.

    Who am I - and who are you?

    About Hanna Lisa:

    I am the founder, CEO and owner of Making Stories, an online yarn shop and publishing company about all things sustainability in knitting. As such, I wear a lot (read: a LOT) of different hats: Strategizer, product developer, boss, editor, purchaser, coffee maker, parcel packer, IG Stories creator, email answerer, sh**-just-hit-the-fan-rescuer. (And those are just the ones from this morning.)

    I've been doing this job since 2016. But it's not my only gig in the fiber world: I've also run a successful handmade project bag business, dabbled in knitwear design, created a really wonderful Patreon, and coached a lot of fiber business people before having my kid.

    All in all, I have 10+ years of experience working in strategy, systems and processes. I know the intricacies of setting up a solopreneur-business, of making your first hire, and of scaling a small team. I've made things with my own two hands and my heart and sold them. I've run businesses on Etsy, Squarespace and Shopify (my firm favorite). I am good at what I do, and you deserve to work with me.

    I am also not just a business owner! I am a mom and CFO (Chief Family Officer). I am a devoted knitter (socks, always) and I love feminist SciFi books. I am warm, I am kind, and I am silly - more often than not.

    I see you. And I will be the biggest cheerleader in the entire world for you!

    About you:

    You are...

    ... a fiber business owner.

    ... a solopreneur or leader of a small team (Oh, and! While we're at it: Tech editors, photographers, test knitters, designers, your VA, everyone who you collaborate with you - they are part of your team!)

    ... struggling with systems, processes or team management.

    ... feeling like the business side of your business has taken over the creative side of it - with force!

    ... looking at the muddy waters of running a business day in, day out, and wanting a clear path.

    ... willing to invest time (and yes, money) to set up structures to reclaim what made you fall in love with your business in the first place.

    ... worthy of feeling at home in your business. (Yes, you are.)

    Then, we might be a good match. Let's talk.