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  • My Favorite 3 Patterns for Schoppelwolle's Zauberwolle

    February 06, 2024 3 min read

    Hi lovelies! I adore a good color-changing yarn, so imagine my excitement when I found a non-superwash, 100% wool version (not so easy to come by)! Schoppelwolle's Zauberwolle comes in at 250 m / 273 yds per 100 g and knits up beautifully to a fingering-weight, sport-weight and DK gauge.

    It's fabulous on its own, and great combined with neutral solids! My top picks for yarns to go with Zauberwolle are BC Garn Semilla Melange, De Rerum Natura Ulysse and Holst Garn Supersoft. All three have a broad color range, so finding a matching or contrasting solid to your chosen color-changing yarn should be a breeze!

    I couldn't resist picking my favorite 3 patterns for Zauberwolle - if you want to see more (like, lots more) pattern ideas, head over to our Pinterest board for color-changing yarns!

    The Traveler Shawl by Andrea Mowry | Schoppelwolle Zauberwolle in Schattenspringer and Moonbar

    Andrea Mowry has by my estimation by far the highest number of patterns for color-changing yarns out there. For my top 3 favorite pattern post, I went with one that allows you to play with as many (or as few) color-changing colorways (what a word!) as you like - her The Traveler Shawl!

    I think this would look so, so good in Schattenspringer(on the left) and Moonbar (on the right)!

    The pattern comes with two shawl sizes – for both, you need 3 cakes of Zauberwolle.

    Pressed Flowers Cardigan by Amy Christoffers | Schoppelwolle Zauberwolle in Aldebaran and BC Garn Semilla Melange in Light Grey

    My first test of Schoppelwolle's Zauberwolle for the shop was Amy Christoffer's Pressed Flowers Hat, and I completely get the hype around it now! It's a super intuitive, very fun to knit (and very easy to memorize) stitch pattern that makes you want to knit just one more row, and one more row, and one more row...

    I've been dreaming of making a Pressed Flowers Cardigan since I finished my hat. It has such a wearable shape – slightly cropped, boxy, with a lovely V-neck and would for sure become a wardrobe staple. (Now, can someone please give me an extra day or two per week just to knit?)

    I would love to knit it with BC Garn Semilla Melange in Light Greyfor the background color, and Zauberwolle in Aldebaran for the color-changing yarn.

    Depending on the size you choose to knit, you need (5, 6, 6, 7) (7, 8, 8, 9) skeins of BC Garn Semilla Melange and 3 (3, 3, 4) (4, 5, 5, 5) cakes of Zauberwolle for the Pressed Flowers Cardigan.

    Bunnell Hat by Alicia Plummer | Schoppelwolle Zauberwolle in Stone-Washed and De Rerum Natura Ulysse in Nuit

    If you want to try out a color-changing yarn first, might I recommend a hat? There are a lot of really fantastic hat pattern options out there, and they knit up really, really quickly too. Plus, one can never have too many hats, right? (Especially if, like in this household of mine, they mysterically make their way onto kid's and husband's heads...)

    Alicia Plummer's Bunnell Hat is a lovely stranded colorwork option that would look good in any color combination you choose!

    I thought it would be fun to go for a darker version, so I picked Zauberwolle's Stone-Washed, combined with De Rerum Natura's Ulysse in Nuit.

    One cake of Zauberwolle and one of Ulysse should be enough for any of the two sizes.

    Which one is your favorite pattern? Or do you have a different pattern suggestion for our latest color-changing yarn? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

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    We also welcome Liza Laird with a beautiful poem about our relationship to the ocean to our pages.

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