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Joy & Sustainability

March 28, 2022 5 min read 2 Comments

Issue 7 has been out in the world for less than one week, but we can already see the joy it's bringing to you! To say it makes us happy is a huge understatement, and we can't tell you how much joy it brings us to share our work with you!

The concept of joy can be a tricky thing. It can be hard to find, particularly during times of great loss and suffering. As cliche as it may sound, it's important to find joy in the small things. In the things you love and are passionate about.

As you know, one of our great passions is exploring the ways we can live and work more sustainably. There are so many facets to living a sustainable life, and we love hearing the different ways people weave sustainability into their lives. For Issue 7, we thought it would be interesting to ask our wonderful contributors what aspects of sustainability bring joy to their lives, and we weren't disappointed by their responses! Let's take a look...


Doriane, Maison Septembre - Yarn partner for Hypata

"Sustainability is at the heart of my approach and I believe I have achieved it when the product I create has been made through recycling food waste, the valorisation of wool and the preservation of ancestral know-how. - natural dyeing.

I am happy when I manage to maintain a chosen simplicity approach and valuing resources (rather than depleting them)."

Bérangère Cailliau, Lilofil: Designer of Hypata

"Make myself and from simple basics many things like household products, cosmetics and of course knitting beautiful materials that do not harm nature. Cooking from fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables.
Walking and getting fresh air to go to work rather than being locked in a car. And watch nature grow."


Solenn Couix-Loarer - De Rerum Natura: Yarn partner of Sakae

"Start preparing the meal by looking at the vegetables, herbs and flowers growing in the garden and compose the day's menu with the resources of the moment. Take care of old wooden furniture, enjoy the soft patina and the smell of wax. Mending a knitted jumper in small stitches so that it continues to live a good life, with a little something extra!"


Deborah Stack: Author of Measuring Success In Stitches

"Walking to the farmer's market every Saturday has become my favorite weekly routine! I pick up my dairy, veggies, tomato sauce, and apples from the same farmers, and I love chatting with them and seeing what's fresh! I also love tasting seasonal fruits as the weeks go by, and trying new produce I've never tasted before! Visiting the market makes eating locally and seasonally feel like a weekly adventure."


Kim Biegler of Ewethful Fiber Farm & Mill: Yarn partner of Guan-Xi

"From a business perspective as a mill owner, one of the most joyful parts for me has become going to meet the wool growers I buy from and being able to share their stories and their wool through our fibers and yarns. As a consumer, my clothes has been one place where I have made big changes. Searching out locally made quality clothes made by small businesses has been such a treat. Knowing I am making better choices, buying less and supporting small businesses has become such a joy."

Tiffany Chen: Designer of Guan-Xi

"Living a zero-waste lifestyle. Finding creative ways to reuse different things as much as possible. Shopping local i.e. farmer's markets, small businesses and working with sustainable yarn brands."


Marthe Forodden: Designer of Cigar

"I buy quality yarns and clothes."

Krea Deluxe: Yarn Partner of Cigar

"As Yarn producers this is important to us; For us, it has always been an obvious condition to have our yarn produced as sustainably as possible, without the toxic chemicals that none of us should be exposed to. We both have children with sensitive skin who suffer from severe allergies and we have wanted a yarn that we can use for clothing and teddy bears. A yarn that won’t cause allergic reactions or itchy skin and at the same time holds the highest quality in all aspects.

When yarn is produced sustainably you will achieve the highest quality fibers. If the cotton plants grow naturally the fibers will be softer, longer and stronger. It was also always our goal that production leaves the smallest footprint possible on our earth."


Isabel of Oh!Lanas: Designer of Sea Forest Socks

"Trying to generate less waste, especially plastics or give them a second life. Buying fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables from local farmers who practice organic farming. Having plants on the terrace, so that I can grow and consume my own aromatics and help pollinators as well."


Tania Dejoie: Designer of Serendipitee

"Seeing my 3 year old recycle brings me joy because he is doing his little part to help his planet and his future."


Laia of Soc una troca: Yarn Partner of Wrapped In A hug

"For me, it is knowing that I'm doing my best to make my business as sustainable as possible: finding ways to reuse all the plastic I have on hand, using and reusing the water as much as I can, and making every step slow and consciously."

Marina Intzepelidou of Marina Storm, Storm Knitting Art: Designer of Wrapped In A Hug

"I do not buy yarn with plastic fibers unless it is very highly recommended like for socks. I recycle old clothes that I do not use any more to make clothes or accessories for my children. I use the bike all the time! I do give to other people things/furniture/clothes instead of breaking them or destroying them. I plant vegetables. I do not buy cut flowers for deco in the house. They will last only some days! I prefer to plant them instead. They will live much longer!"


Kalea Turner-Beckman (Kalea the Luddite/Luddite Yarn): Author of Dumpster Diver To Yarn Dyer

"Connecting with nature. Embracing simplicity over materialism. Finding new uses for wasted resources."


Jill Thompson Beach - Beach House Knits: Designer of Merrymaker

"I love walking (I also used to bike to work when I had an office job!). I try to compost as much of the food waste (and everything else they take!) as possible. I try to eat food that we have and plan meals for the next week as much as possible. I try to limit what I have shipped to our house and buy locally when possible. I try to support brands that are openly conscious about their packaging and how they are impacting the environment."


So what do you think about our contributors moments of joy in sustainability?! Do you do any of the same things, or do you have your own joyous approach to living a sustainable life? Remember, it's not about doing all the things at once, it's about what sustainability means to you, and how small changes everyday can lead to a more sustainable world. We'd love to hear your take on it in the comments below!

2 Responses

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