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  • How we're dealing with Sars-CoV-2 and how to help small fibre businesses now

    March 15, 2020 4 min read

    This newsletter went out on March 15 to the Making Stories community. We'll keep adding to this blog post with any new developments.

    Stay safe. And to everyone out there working in a medical profession or one that keeps our daily life going: THANK YOU. A million times.

    With lots of love,

    Hanna Lisa


    Hello lovely Making Stories flock!

    I hope you're as well as one can be in these days, and staying safe, especially if you're in a country or working in a profession that's even more affected by Sars-CoV-2 / Covid-19 than most.

    I'm popping into your inbox today to share two things: an announcement on what we're doing to make sure you get what you order from us, in these rapidly changing times, and a few thoughts on how you can help other small fibre businesses in these times.

    Sending you Ravelry download codes for every physical product you order

    First things first: As of today, we're able to send out all orders - our fulfillment center and DHL are both fully operational, and border closures are not affecting the movement of goods. So if you're ordering a physical product from us, it'll still go out as usual and is likely to reach you.

    That being said, as the situation not only in Germany, but all around the globe is changing by the hour, we've decided to send you a Ravelry download code for each print publication you're ordering from us.

    That way, you'll get access to what you've ordered immediately and don't have to worry about mail delivery in your country or put yourself at risk by picking something up at your post office. Your physical copy will of course still be shipped as usual - the Ravelry code is merely an addition.

    You'll receive your download code(s) via email after you order. We're working on automating this - for the time being, it'll be a manual process, but we'll work as fast as we can to get you your code(s).

    Please get in touch with us in case you don't have access to or are not using Ravelry, and we'll send you a separate download link.

    A note on Issue 3: If you're already a subscriber (thank you!!) or if you're placing an order for a subscription that includes Issue 3, you'll receive a download code as well. This download code will become active on March 19, the day the physical subscriber copies of Issue 3 will go out by mail!

    We want you to find a bit of breathing space with your stitches during these challenging times and hope that this solution will help a bit with that.

    Ordering from one of our stockists

    All our stockists and every LYS that places an order with us have gotten / will be getting a set of Ravelry download codes for Issue 3 as well so that they can share it with their customers who are placing a (pre-)order.

    We highly encourage you to support them - these times are tough especially for brick-and-mortar shops! Which brings me to ...

    Supporting other small fibre businesses

    While we're able to offer our download code solution and all our publications are available in digital formats on Ravelry and our website, not all small fibre businesses are that lucky. Running a small company in the fibre space can be tough even in good times, and with lockdowns and cancelled events and fairs happening all around the globe, it can be touch and go for them at this point in time.

    We've put together a few thoughts on how to support your LYS, favorite yarn company or designer below:

    • Check with your LYS whether they have an online store or are able to accept mail orders for the time being. We've heard that a few LYS also offer curbside delivery - if you're in an at risk group, this can be a great way to support your LYS and get a bit of yarn.

    • Place an order with your favorite small yarn business if you can afford it, even if it's not certain when it'll arrive. It'll give them a bit of financial breathing space.

    • Buy a digital pattern or publication on Ravelry. That one might be a no brainer, but it'll be highly appreciated and, same as with the yarn businesses, provide the designer or publisher with a bit of financial support.

    • A lot of shops - be they online or offline, yarn or full LYS, magazine or book publisher - offer gift cards. Consider purchasing one for yourself - or a friend - for future use.

    • If a class or workshop you've booked at a LYS has been cancelled or you withdrew from the class, check with the LYS whether they would be able to transform your refund into store credit.

    • Spread the word about special offers or services your LYS, designer, yarn company or publisher provides (think curbside delivery or a newly set up online store) during the SARS-CoV-2 time.

    • Send a love note to your LYS, your favorite designer, yarn company or publisher. It'll put a much-needed smile on their faces.

    This list is by no means exhaustive. If you have other ideas how to support small fibre businesses right now, hit reply and send them to us and we'll share them on Social Media and in our next newsletter!

    Stay safe. And to everyone out there working in a medical profession or one that keeps our daily life going: THANK YOU. A million times.

    With lots of love,

    Hanna Lisa

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