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  • Get To Know Garthenor Beacons

    May 26, 2022 2 min read

    In our last blog post, we introduced you to one of our favourite sustainable yarn producers, Garthenor, chatted all about their gorgeous sock yarn, Snowdonia Sock and did a little project planning to get the sock inspiration flowing! If you missed that post, you can catch up on it by clicking here.

    Today, we want to take a look at another of their yarns; Beacons! This DK weight yarn has been a firm favourite ever since we introduced it into the webshop, and there's a good reason for that.

    This deliciously round, worsted spun yarn shows clear stitch definition and loves texture and cabled stitches. Oh, and did I mention the colours? Garthenor currently has 36 shades that include bold and punchy solids, subtle heathers and magical marls. We don't have quite this many in the webshop, but we have just added new colourways that all complement each other for limitless colour combo possibilities!

    "Our Polwarth comes from Dunbar Island, part of the Falkland Islands, famed for the snow-white superfine fleece. These sheep produce a long, smooth fibre that has excellent stitch definition and soaks up dye like a sponge. Adding some depth and texture to the Polwarth is some long and lustrous Romney and stunningly rich Hebridean in Cinder, our grey base." - Garthenor

    It's the grey undertones of the base yarn that give the colourways so much depth and complexity and combined with the stunning stitch definition and next-to-skin softness, Beacon's has fast become our go-to yarn for just about any project!


    If you are looking for a little project inspiration for this yarn, we have a whole Pinterest board with lots of ideas, but if Pinterest isn't your thing don't worry! I've shared a few project ideas with you below also.



    Our New Beacons Video:

    We've also recorded a new "Get To Know" video where Hanna Lisa talks about the story behind Garthenor and Beacons, so if you're looking for a little woolly entertainment to accompany your knitting, check it out below! 



    Our Favourite Patterns for Beacons:

    If Pinterest or YouTube isn't your thing, check out our favourite patterns for Beacons below!


    The colour combinations for the Coloring Book Raglan by Aimee Sher are endless with Beacons, but it would be particularly lovely with Cinder and Gorse!

    The Florence Tank from Sari Nordlundis stunning, and works for both warm and cold weather knitting! One in every colour would be best, but here I've paired it with Wild Olive, and it's sure to become a wardrobe staple.

    Radiate by Joji Locatelliis so much fun, and it looks like a super satisfying knit! How pretty would it be paired with Marble and Koi?


    Pando Shawl by Amor Esperanza has a stunning stitch pattern that would really shine in Beacons. I've paired it with the gorgeous grey/blue Cadet!


    What do you think of my project planning?! My summer project list just grew by quite a bit, but I'd love to know, do you plan to try Beacons? Or if you've already had it on your needles, do share your pattern recommendations with us below!

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    I narrowed it down to my five favorite patterns (well, of right now) in color combinations that showcase the full rainbow of Bérénice colors. I've put a ton more patterns over on our Pinterest Board for pattern inspo for fluffy yarns if you're looking for more!

    Now, though, let's take a look at my top 5!

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    Cue De Rerum Natura, who secretly have been working behind the scenes at exactly that yarn I'd been looking for: An "as sustainably as it can get" fluff yarn that works perfectly for a broad range of projects, from whispers of lace shawls to holding it together with more substantial yarns.

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