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Where In The World Is Making Stories - Ginger Twist Studios

November 20, 2019 3 min read

Nestled on the cobbled streets of Edinburgh, there's a very special yarn shop that we are proud to count as one of our stockists. Run by Jessica James-Thomson, Ginger Twist Studio is a cavern of pure woolly joy, bursting at the seams with squishy wool, fibre and patterns. It also serves as home to Ginger's Hand Dyed, a range of beautifully hand-dyed yarns from the Jess herself. You may remember us using her gorgeous Masham Mayhem 4ply which we showcased in BREEZE for our Coromuel pullover. We thought it would be fun to take a trip to Scotland today and find out a little more about Jess and her woolly world!

Q & A With Jess

1. Tell us a little about yourself! Where in the world are you?

My name is Jess and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I was born in the Philippines, grew up in Oregon, came of age in NYC and have become delightfully settled in Edinburgh. I've now had a wool shop (Ginger Twist Studio) for over 6 years, and life is good.

2. What is your knitting community like?

I run a weekly knit and crochet night at a pub near the shop. We meet every Monday evening and I typically enjoy a glass of wine with my current WIP. We are a wonderfully diverse group of gals (the occasional man will come along), and these are some of my favourite people! We are a very kind, fun and welcoming bunch.

3. Tell us more about 'Ginger Twist Studio'! What made you want to open a yarn shop?

I have always wanted to have my own wool shop, and after becoming settled in Edinburgh, I saw there was opportunity to turn this dream into a reality. I've always knit and been a lady of crafty ambitions, and a wool shop seemed the perfect fit for combining my skills of business and creativity. I started up on the teeniest of shoe string budgets (the shop hardly had any wool in it compared with now), and it was such hard work. But I just kept moving on ahead and feel more passionate about my wee shop and work than ever.

4. Tell us more about your beautiful yarn!

When starting up the bricks and mortar store, I wanted to offer something special and personal. The answer was to produce my own range of luxury hand dyed yarns. Ginger's Hand Dyed was born! I have a wide variety of bases from lace weight all the way up to chunky, and I love seeing how my colourways take to different bases.

5. What made you want to add Making Stories to the products you sell?

I love Making Stories' ethos and what they stand for…and the patterns are always of high quality and beeeeeeeeeeautiful. I only sell what I want to use myself.

6. You are not only our stockist but also one of our yarn partners! Can you tell our readers exactly what that entails?

I was so honoured to be selected as a yarn partner! My Masham Mayhem 4ply was selected to be used for the Coromuel Jumper in BREEZE. To be considered for the position of ‘yarn partner' I had to send in a shade card of my nominated wool as inspired by a mood board, and was so thrilled when mine was chosen. And I've since made 2 versions of this jumper myself…and perhaps there is a third one in the pipeline.

7. Do you have a favourite type of knitting project?

I LOVE to knit sweaters and cardigans.

8. What is your favourite making tool?

My Woolly Originals project bag, no question. And my Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Sharp Stainless Needle set.

9. What is your favourite making memory?

My Nana teaching me to knit left-handed, even though she is right-handed. We managed alright, and little did she know, she was starting me off on my career!

10. What do you do when you knit - watch a movie, read a book, nothing, ...?

I have my favourite comfy chair to curl up on in my living room and binge on my latest TV obsession. I'm currently in the middle of watching New Amsterdam and manage to cry every at single episode. Ha!

11. Anything else you want to share about 'Ginger Twist Studio'?

My shop is super wee, and I therefore have to be very selective about what I stock. I do stock yarns for a wide variety of budgets, but everything is stuff I want to work with and use myself. I think this helps preserve my passion for my career choice.

12. How can we find you?

The shop is located at 11 London Road in Edinburgh if you are in the area, or check out the website www.gingertwiststudio.com.

I ship everywhere! I'm also on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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