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Making Stories & Friends Winter 2018

December 05, 2018 2 min read 2 Comments

Today we are so excited to be releasing our final digital collection of the year, Making Stories & Friends Winter 2018! This collection is extremely close to our hearts and we can't think of a better way to round off what has been a busy, but amazing year!

Making Stories & Friends is a little different to previous collections as all the patterns were created to be accessible to everyone regardless of what gender they identify with or how they like to express themselves. Each design is customisable and allows the maker to create something that is true to themselves. This is a concept beyond ‘unisex' patterns and we hope it proves to be another step forward in creating work that is truly inclusive and celebrates the diversity within our community.

All lengths such as sleeve and body length are adjustable, but there are also variants on button bands, flaps and brims. Our garments now include eight sizes, but while this gives you more options we know that the success of an FO cannot simply rely on set sizes alone. Fit plays a huge part in whether or not you wear your shiny new hand knit or if it ends up in the woolly graveyard at the back of your wardrobe. This is why we have included an article on how to find your perfect fit called ‘On The Myths Of Sizing' where we share tips and tricks on working out how to get the fit we want. We also wanted to show how the samples look on a variety of bodies and to show a more realistic view of styling.

As we continued on this journey of exploring and celebrating the unique it only felt natural for Hanna Lisa, Verena and Verena's husband Malte to step in front of the camera and model the pieces themselves. This is way outside of their usual Making Stories roles, but it turned out to be a perfect fit (pardon the pun!) as the gorgeous photos not only captured the stunning samples but the camaraderie spirit of the collection. Hanna Lisa and Verena designed half of the designs themselves, and then reached out to designer friends who they have previously worked with to help bring their vision to realisation. They also worked with some of our amazing yarn partners to bring the designs to life, keeping the palette soft and neutral like a blank canvas waiting for you to make your mark.

While there is always room to grow and improve we sincerely hope that the conscious decisions we have made in this collection pave the way for a continued change and celebrate the unique in everyone. Creating something with your own two hands is such a joyous form of expression and we want everyone to be able to experience that in our designs.

To see all the details of each of our patterns head to the Making Stories and Friends Winter 2018 Ravelry page and start queuing your favourites! We'd love to hear your thoughts so please comment below!

Until next time, woolly greetings!

Claire x

2 Responses

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