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  • Christmas Knitting

    January 23, 2019 3 min read

    So we made it to Christmas and right now we've eaten our weight in turkey (or preferred turkey alternative!), tidied up all the wrapping paper we spent so much time wrapping around our gifts and most importantly, all of that gift knitting is done! I mean, don't get me wrong, it's such a lovely feeling to make something for a loved one and to give a hand knit. But once the last hat has been gifted and Uncle John is happily wearing his new scarf it's time for one of the most joyous days on a knitters calendar; it's time for the Christmas cast on! I asked the rest of the team if they had any plans already lined up for their needles and they came back with some fantastic suggestions! So if you are looking for a little inspiration grab a glass of mulled wine, a left over roast potato (does anyone else suddenly like to eat cold roasties at this time of year?) and get ready to be inspired!


    I'm going to knit Topaz and then I want to knit Crossing Paths from Making Stories & Friends but I also want a break from sweater knitting to knit some mittens. My fibre share partner sent me yarn that would be perfect for a pair of Winterfold Mittens from WOODS.

    Hanna Lisa

    So! Mine would be Holding Hands - I love a smaller "palate-cleansing" project for the holidays, and I desperately need a new pair of mittens. I'd most likely knit the mitten version in some Swans Island American Sport in Blackberry I still have sitting in my stash!

    The other thing I'll be knitting is an upcoming hat design for us in Ruth's Homestead yarn.


    I don't wanna commit to too much at the moment since I'm in the middle of finishing up ALL WIPs (!!!) and feel like enjoying the clean slate status for a little while, but I might want to make a Crossing Paths turtleneck for myself plus maybe a pair of the Holding Hands mittens for Malte!


    I'm still working on the brioche jacket, closing up to the finish line, but I will not be able to finish it over the holidays because I'm staying at my mom's and would need an extra backpack for the giant thing. I do however love Open Arms, the scarf from Making Stories & Friends so maybe I might give it a shot!


    I have a pile of De Rerum Natura ready to be knit into Citrine from JEWELS! I was really unimaginative and chose the exact shade the sample is knit in because I just fell in love with it! I also want to make Trust Me by Clare Mountain from Making Stories & Friends. To break up all that sweater knitting I'm also hoping to cast on Open Arms in some yarn I dyed with Avocados ages ago!


    I'm actually doing some gift knitting from Making Stories & Friends (Growing Close hats for all!) but after gift knitting is done I'm hoping to finish my Reason socks from the Socks 2018 collection in Am's yarn (Oysters and Purls), which are almost half done and then knit a sweater in Homestead though I haven't decided which one yet!

    What will you be casting on your needles next, we'd love to know! Please do share in the comments below!



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