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El Robledal de la Santa Moherino Blend


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"Moherino Blend" is a really special yarn - 50% Mohair from David and Jackson's own angora goats, raised on their farm in Spain, blended with 50% Spanish Merino, spun to a beautiful, high-twist fingering weight yarn. 40% of the Spanish Merino is white, while 10% is black, which is really rare and results in a beautifully heathered grey undyed base.

Jackson hand-dyes every single skein - and the colors!! They glow and have a beautiful depth to them as they're dyed over a slightly darker, heathered base.

Moherino Blend is great for socks as the Mohair acts as a natural strengthener, but also works well for shawls and lightweight sweaters.

• Non-superwash
• 50% Spanish Mohair, 40% White Spanish Merino, 10% Black Spanish Merino
• Fingering weight: 400 meters per 100 grams / 437 yards per 3.53 ounces
• Recommended needle size: 2.25 - 4mm / US 1 - 6
• Worsted spun, 2 ply

• The Mohair is grown by David and Jackson on their own Angora Goat farm in Spain
• The Spanish white and black Merino is sourced in Spain as well
• The yarn is blended and custom-spun in Spain, keeping the footprint as low as possible
• The skeins are hand-dyed by Jackson on the farm
• Fiber & yarn origin: Spain

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El Robledal de la Santa Moherino Blend Projects

Lyne Socks

The Lyne Socks by Dawn Henderson made me fall in love - hard! - with El Robledal de la Santa's Moherino. I cast them on and adored how the subtle color shifts and texture complemented the sea shell lace and shone throughout the stockinette foot.

The ankle length is great for warmer temperatures, and while there are only two sizes available, you can adjust the chart by adding / taking away repeats until you arrive at your desired stitch count.

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Barça Memories Socks

The Barça Memories Socks by Zanete Knits are a lovely toe-up design which combines slip stitches, twisted stitch cables and soothing stockinette.

I love that the gusset increases sit on the sole of the foot, not interrupting the beautiful line of textured stitch patterns on top of the foot and leg.

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