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About Our Annual Subscription

Our Annual Subscription is the easiest way to make sure the latest Making Stories Magazine lands on your doorstep - even a little ahead of the official release date!
Plus, it comes at a whopping 20% off compared to the individual copy prices and you get a complimentary copy of our mini e-book; Head, Hands & Toes!

Here's how it works:

  • Your first issue: You choose which issue you'd like to start your subscription with.

  • First dibs for subscribers: You automatically get your copy sent to you a couple of weeks before the official release date - first dibs for subscribers!

  • Pausing your subscription: Should you not like a particular issue, you can pause your subscription for that issue.

  • Automatic renewal & anytime cancellation: Every year, your subscription renews automatically - but you can also cancel at any point in time, should you wish to do so.

Digital Downloads

Your purchase of the print subscription automatically includes a digitial version too! You'll get an email with a download link immediately after purchase.

You can also add your digital copy to your Ravelry library by entering the download code printed on the first page of the magazine.

Good to Know

  • 136 completely ad-free pages

  • Printed on 100% recycled paper (Blue Angel certificate) with Umweltdruck Berlin, a printer local to us
  • Shipped out from our warehouse in Berlin with Deutsche Post or DHL