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The Individual Patterns For Issue 5

August 12, 2021 2 min read

As I'm writing this post we are deep into preparation for launching Issue 6, but that's not stopping us from pausing for a moment to celebrate the individual pattern releases from Issue 5! If you aren't completely sure how it works with commissioning patterns from designers, or at least, how it works with us, let me give you a quick summary. If a design has been accepted to be published in our magazine, we pay an agreed upon fee to the designer and retain the rights to the pattern for four months from the publication date of the magazine. Once those four months are over, the rights revert to our lovely designers and they are able to sell the pattern on their own platforms if they wish.

And now we have reached that time! The rights reverted and several of the Issue 5 patterns are now available for individual download, so if you had your eye on just one or two patterns that you'd like to make, you can now purchase that pattern from our designers. Below you can find all the available patterns and where you can purchase them. As more pattern become available we will update this post, so be sure to check back if you don't see the pattern you were looking for.


Places you can purchase yoki: Ravelry


Places you can purchase Molecule: Ravelry & Payhip

Twisted Vines

Places you can purchase twisted vines: Ravelry & paper moon knit's website

Wild Grass

Places you can purchase wild grass: Ravelry & paper moon knit's website


Places you can purchase bindweed: Ravelry & paper moon knit's website


Places you can purchase lamina: Ravelry 


Places you can purchase cacti: Ravelry 

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